• Jennifer

What Does Beauty Mean for Women During this Crisis?

This is a hard time for everyone. There are so many issues that are on people’s minds. How can we manage to cope with this new version of daily life? I was thinking about this particularly hard today, as we are faced with the closure of the beauty salons and nail spas, gyms, and malls. The fact of the matter is women rely on these businesses for that sense of feeling beautiful; myself included. I am in no way implying that we are vain individuals, but based on the staggering, jaw-dropping $532 BILLION revenue of the industry, it’s safe to say that we rely on these businesses.

So what are we to do without our mani-pedi, do you ask? I just wanted to weigh in on my thoughts of the opportunities that we have, today, as a woman. There has never been a time more important for self-care. We are worried for our families and struggling for a sense of normalcy. Today, ladies, it’s time to adopt a new “normal” for yourself.

First, and foremost, learn to love yourself. This is extremely hard. We all are not good at this, but we need to look at inner beauty as being a real thing. Take some time to focus on what it is that you love about yourself. Help your friends and family with this by reminding them what you love about them. Help others feel valuable. Allow yourself to feel valuable and understand that the beautiful YOU that you see in the mirror is enough. You are enough. Just the way you are. This is me reminding you that you really don’t need all that superficial stuff to be valuable.

Secondly, let’s focus on what we can control. I have created the following self-care list for things that you can practice in the safety of your own space, until your B.F.F, MVP beauty professional is back in action (Lord knows, we are going to miss our stylists and our technicians that work magic for us on the regular).

I know that there are so many more things that are of vital importance right now, especially your health. But I still like to emphasize the important of mental health and us all being “ok”. Just because we have a desire and need to feel beautiful, doesn’t make us vain. It is just a normal part of our lives today. Ladies, you are beautiful and strong; with or without your gel manicure. You will get through this crisis. You will have a lot of worry and burden on your shoulders. Remember to take care of yourselves, because we can’t be there for everyone else with an empty tank. Fill it up, ladies. Please take care of yourself and stay safe.

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